Get A FREE Mini Cheesecake From Junior’s… If You’re Vaccinated

image: Instagram @juniorscheesecake

Junior’s Restaurant is known all over for their world- famous cheesecake. Besides their cheesecake, they also have an extensive menu of excellent food.

We love eating at Junior’s and especially love their Egg Creams!

The restaurant is currently offering a nice deal to get a free mini-cheesecake but there’s a catch…

Any customer who shows their COVID-19 vaccination record card at the restaurant’s Brooklyn location can get a FREE mini cupcake-sized cheesecake! (The offer started  earlier this week, on March 29.)

While this is a generous offer, it’s bound to piss some people off.

Krispy Kreme is currently offering a free Original Glazed doughnut when you show you vaccination record until May 24, 2021. (Kim and I redeemed this offer once recently.)

The offer received “some backlash on social media, with everyone from doctors to comedians pointing out that obesity — which is rampant in the U.S..,” according to Yahoo News.

Considering Junior’s only has a handful of locations, it’s hard to believe that this vaccine-incentivized offer will receive as much attention as a doughnut chain with over 350 locations.

Kim and I have thought about visiting Junior’s, it’s been a while. While I do not eat cheesecake, we’ll take the restaurant up on their offer if we do. I’m sure my 9 year-old Lucas would love to have a taste of their famous cheesecake!

Find out more about the offer here.

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