Hotel Declares Bankruptcy, NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights Rush To Find Where To Stay

Vegas Golden Knights
image: wikicommons

On Friday night, the Vegas Golden Knights had a big overtime win over the San Jose Sharks.

Rather than go out and celebrate, the team needed to rush to find a new place to stay “because the league’s designated place of lodging suddenly filed for bankruptcy, according to multiple reports” according to ESPN.

The team had originally planned to stay at the Fairmont Hotel San Jose, a massive 805 room property.

ESPN mentions that the hotel had to close up due to financial difficulties due to COVID-19. The hotel plans to reopen in a few months. The hotel is currently¬†“attempting to find a management partner and extend its existing mortgage debt” according to the Mercury News.

The hotel’s sudden closure isn’t just a problem for the Vegas Golden Knights. Since the Fairmont was the NHL’s designated place to stay for teams playing San Jose, all visiting teams will now have to find somewhere else to sleep while in town.

ESPN says that, “a new hotel strategy will need to be drawn up by the league”.

Find out more from ESPN here.

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