Get A $20 Target Circle Reward With Two $100 Purchases!

Target CircleFor quite some time I’ve saved money while shopping at Target by using their Cartwheel app.

Target Circle, a new way to save while shopping at Target debuted nationwide in October 2019. To date, I’ve saved a combined $483.99 through Cartwheel and Target Circle!

With the loyalty program, “for every eligible purchase made with a non-RedCard™ payment type, you’ll earn 1% to redeem at Target later,” according to There are also various deals to save money on select items when you save the offer to your account.

From time to time, Target Circle also offers bonuses for completing different amounts of spend. In Target’s most recent bonus offer, I can earn a $20 reward by making two $100 purchases at the store by March 22, 2021!

That comes to a 10% savings on top of other savings you can earn through the program. Not too bad!

While we do shop at Target quite a bit, we rarely spend $100 per purchase. I’d like to earn this $20 reward but I’m not so sure that we’ll be able to do so.

Are you a member of Target Circle? If so, how much have you saved over the course of your membership?

Find out more about Target’s loyalty program here.

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