The Country With The Most Powerful Passport In The World…

If I had to make a guess, I’d assume that the US has one of the most, if not the most powerful passport in the world.

However, my guess would not be correct.

What makes a country’s passport powerful? According to Wikipedia, “the country with the highest visa-free score has the most powerful passport.”

Travel + Leisure says that “For the  2021 Henley & Partners Passport Index’s quarterly update, researchers ranked the most powerful passports in the world.” For this update, temporary restrictions (I assume due to COVID-19) were not taken into consideration.

The most powerful passport in the world goes to Japan. Their passport allows for holders to visit 191 countries visa-free. Japan has held the title (or shared it) for the past three years.

Second place went to Singapore with 190 countries. South Korea and Germany tired for third place with 189 countries.

The United States came in seventh place (tied with five other countries) with access to 186 countries, visa-free. Over the past 16 years, the US has seen a decline from the number 1 spot to where it currently sits today.

At the far end of the spectrum, “are Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, each with access to less than 30 nations”, according to T+L.

Curious where your country ranks on the Henley & Partners Passport Index? Check out the 2021 Global Rankings here.

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