Wow! Breakdancing Will Be An Olympic Sport In 2024!

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The Olympics are getting an interesting new sport for the 2024 Paris Summer games.

Breakdancing isn’t something that I’d really consider a sport but who am I to judge! The new sport should make for a fun and creative competitive event.

The official name for breakdancing at the Olympics will be “Breaking“.

The new sport was one of four to be approved earlier in the week along with surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing.

Forbes mentions that, “Breaking was previously provisionally added to the 2024 Olympics program, and debuted in 2018 at the Olympics’ 2018 Summer Youth Games.”

Including breakdancing in the Olympics could make it much more popular but there’s also some breakers against it being added. Forbes write how, “some dancers believe the Olympics could cause the sport to lose some of its authenticity, or devalue aspects of breaking routines that are harder to judge, like originality and passion“.

Are you interested in watching breakdancing at the 2024 Olympics? I’m very curious to see how the new sport is judged and I’d like to see what kind of moves make for a winning score. I plan to tune in when it kicks off at the Paris games.

Find out more from Forbes here.

3 thoughts on “Wow! Breakdancing Will Be An Olympic Sport In 2024!

  1. Well, if ribbon-dancing is a sport then so is this! I love break dancing and I’m going to watch the Olympics if only to see this!

  2. I have no problem with break dancing. I do think that keeping any form of dancing out of the Olympics is a good idea, otherwise where do you stop? Square dancing? Line dancing? Ballroom dancing? The Tango? Maybe I’m just old fashioned but it just feels a little odd to have swimming, shot putt, and break dancing together.

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