World’s Worst Airbnb Created As Joke, Got Bookings

image: YouTube- Passion Squad

Over the past 8 years we’ve stayed in Airbnb properties plenty of times. The places we’ve stayed have been pretty varied, from excellent to not so great.

A bunch of friends in the UK recently created a listing on the site as “a lighthearted prank by creating world’s worst Airbnb”, according to Fox News.

The listing would best be described as barebones outdoor living.

If you ever wanted to spend a night outdoors in a north London field, this would appeal to you.

All you get is a mattress covered with a blanket, placed under a tree, along with a nightstand with lamp. (No, the lamp does not work.) Let’s not forget about the beverage service, a tray with a couple of glasses of water!

A Youtube video was made by the friends (known as Passion Squad) regarding this unique listing. Check out the video here.

They supposedly had a ton of interest in the listing and even had requests for guests who wanted to stay there!

In the end, they didn’t accept any requests or earn any money off of this awful Airbnb listing!

Find out more from Fox News here.

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