By November Costa Rica Will Be Open To Visitors From All US States

Costa RicaOver Winter Break 2016 we went on an awesome trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is full of outdoor adventure and incredible wildlife. Since that trip, we’ve talked about visiting again.

Due to COVID-19, Costa Rica’s borders weren’t open for all to visit. However, that will soon be changing.

Lonely Planet reports that, “Costa Rica┬áhas announced this week that residents from all US states will be welcome to visit the country from November.”

Over the past couple of months, US residents from low-risk states were allowed to visit the country. Just in time for the start of the high season of tourism (November through May 2021), residents and citizens from all US states will be allowed to visit.

Visitors will not have to quarantine upon arrival but they will have to show a negative PCR COVID-19 test. The test will have had to be taken in the 72 hours before the trip.

Visitors will also have to fill out an online health form and get health insurance which covers accommodations to cover potential quarantine and medical costs.

Costa Rica began reopening to tourism on August 1, allowing visitors from countries like Canada, New Zealand, Japan, the UK and EU countries. The US wasn’t on this list. (America made up 45% of all visitors last year.)

The country hopes that the wider opening of the tourism industry will have a positive impact on other industries.

Would you be interested in visiting Costa Rica? I’d love to go again but I’m afraid that I’d have to quarantine upon return to NYC.

Find out more from Lonely Planet here.

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