This Is The Most Genius Do Not Disturb Sign I’ve Seen At A Hotel

Do Not DisturbA couple of weeks back we took a short road trip to Pennsylvania.

During our visit, we stayed at two different properties; one was a very unique motel and the other was a newer IHG brand called Avid.

When we got to our room, I noticed an extremely genius Do Not Disturb sign.

I don’t usually pay these signs much mind but this one was unique. Rather than it be one of the tags you hang on the door knob or cards you stick in the key card area, it was a magnet!The magnet itself was pretty basic. It’s a solid light blue used in Avid’s logo. I would’ve liked to have see the hotel’s name too but all it had was Do not disturb on the lower left corner and a small moon at the top right.Before giving the sign a try, I wondered where the best place would be when using it.

I was hoping that the key sensor would be magnetic so you could just block the use of the key card. It wasn’t.

I noticed that some room had the magnet in use, placing it close to the room number. I found this to be a good idea.

However, I figured it was better to place it in the door frame, as close as possible to the key sensor. There’s no way hotel staff could miss the do not disturb request with it there!

Have you come across any interesting Do Not Disturb signs while staying at a hotel?

8 thoughts on “This Is The Most Genius Do Not Disturb Sign I’ve Seen At A Hotel

  1. herp- I hear ya but this magnet can definitely be cleaned/ wiped. A traditional hang tag is thick paper. I can’t imagine that could be cleaned and I doubt they’re replaced each time the room is used.

    1. Yup, every Staybridge I’ve stayed at used the fridge magnet DND signs. They came into my room anyway.

      At one Staybridge they were giving the Spire members special fridge magnets that said something like “I’m a Spire member in this room.”

    1. Last Residence Inn I stayed at had two magnets, one was DND, one was Maid Service Requested….and this was over a year ago 🙂

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