Earn Up to $90 In Statement Credits With US Bank Altitude Reserve Card

US Bank Altitude Reserve

When I first got the US Bank Altitude Reserve card, I planned to cancel it after the first year.

With a $400 annual fee, it sounds like a pretty expensive card to keep. However, a $325 annual credit on travel expenses offsets the fee making more like a $75 per year card.

I like the perks that the card offers, especially earning 3X points on Mobile Wallet purchases so I’ve stuck with the card.

I recently received an e-mail from US Bank about an offer to earn up to $90 in statement credits with my US Bank Altitude Reserve card!

The deal sounded pretty interesting so I had to take a closer look. a screenshot of a websiteHere is how the offer works:

  • Gas Stations: earn a 3% statement credit per dollar spent, up to $20.
  • Sporting Goods Stores & Bike Shops: earn a 3% statement credit per dollar spent, up to $20.
  • Motorhome & RV Rentals: earn a 5% statement credit per dollar spent, up to $50

While I’d love to rent a RV for a trip some day, it won’t be happening in the near future. We’re also not really in the market for sporting or outdoor equipment. I could see taking advantage of the gas station offer if I’m not buying gas with Shell gift cards so I might be able to earn $20 in statement credits but it isn’t likely.

I wish one of the categories was for dining. That would be an easy one to take advantage of.

Some Rules:

  • You need to enroll in the offer by August 31, 2020
  • Make your purchases through September 30, 2020

For those of you who have the US Bank Altitude Reserve card, here is the link to the promo’s enrollment page. You will need a promo code top register.

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