Check Out Lucas In This Month’s TimeOut New York Kids!

TimeOut New York KidsAlmost two years back I wrote how TimeOut was opening a huge food hall in NYC.

Soon after sharing news of the upcoming new market, we visited TimeOut Market in Lisbon, Portugal. We were really impressed by the food options and looked forward to the NY version.

TimeOut Market NY opened in Brooklyn before last summer and I’d say it’s decent but overall, disappointing. I had high hopes for classic NY restaurants to be featured just like in Portugal. There are some good food options with Pat LaFrieda’s stalls being the best in my opinion however it’s lacking the amazing vibe that we experienced in Portugal.

While at the market a few months back, we picked up a copy of TimeOut New York Kids.

I skimmed through the magazine on the look out for interestingĀ  kid-friendly things to do in the area. I also came across a column called The Playdate Project.

The Playdate Project is a kids version of the TimeOut column called The Undateables where two New Yorkers are sent on a blind date. In the TimeOut New York Kids version, kids are sent on playdates!

I showed Lucas the column and asked if he would like to be in the magazine. Lucas loves making new friends so he was excited about the idea!I sent an e-mail to TimeOut New York Kids regarding his interest in being set up. I heard back soon after and a playdate was arranged at The GIANT Room, an innovation hub for families. (Find out more about it in this article from TONY Kids here.)

Lucas had a really fun time during the playdate. Before it ended, a writer from TimeOut New York Kids asked Lucas and his friend a few questions.

I particularly loved his answer when asked his Favorite Thing About NYC. Lucas’s answer began with, “there’s great pizza…“!

Check out the full Project Playdate with Lucas in TimeOut New York KidsĀ here.

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