Woman Makes Cheese Plate While Sitting In Middle Seat During Flight

cheese plate
image: Instagram @thatcheeseplate

Kim sent me a great article about an interesting way to pass the time during a flight which could also be a great way to keep you from getting hungry.

Marissa Mullen, the founder of the Instagram page @thatcheeseplate, the “go- to source for cheese board inspiration” recently shared a video captioned,How to enjoy a middle seat on an overnight 8-hour flight, #InflightCheesePlateChallenge”which went viral on Instagram and Tik-Tok. In the video she created a fancy cheese plate!

In the video, she mentions how it is not her first airplane cheese plate rodeo as she pulls her supplies out of a bag. People.com mentions that, “along with the cheese, she decks out her board with a salami “river”, blueberries, dried figs, crackers, pecans, cherry spread and sprigs of rosemary for garnish.”

This is definitely an impressive feat to accomplish, especially since she was sitting in a middle seat. However, if I saw a passenger doing this during a flight, I’d probably think they were crazy!

Check out the viral video of Mullen making her inflight cheese plate here.

5 thoughts on “Woman Makes Cheese Plate While Sitting In Middle Seat During Flight

  1. C’mon, gents! The lady’s fit, attractive, and is known for her love of arranging grub. If she’s not already hitched, in a proper world there’d be a mob of gentleman callers all jostling for her attention. I know I’D be in that mosh pit of eager young lads!

  2. I feel the opposite way. I think it is disrespectful and harmful to fellow passengers who have to have that smell around them for 8 hours. Meal time is designed to end after an hour. A woman keeping a cheese plate on the tray table for 8 hours is bad manners.

  3. Paul Alexander- I feel that bringing food on a flight makes a ton of sense. However, besides Mullen creating a cheese plate as publicity for her business, why would someone arrange such a fancy plate during a flight?

  4. Interested to understand why you think someone doing this would be crazy. You seem a reasonable person. What is so crazy about bringing your own delicious food onboard rather than eating the mass produced food served up by the airlines? At LHR some of the high end restaurants including Gordon Ramsay’s, Fortnum and Mason and Caviar House all offer inflight picnics allowing you to do exactly what this person did. Was a very good article until the derogatory crazy comment. Shame.

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