In 2020 Be Careful When Signing Your Documents

2020Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that everyone has a great 2020 and travels to lots of great places!

I came across some interesting advice which isn’t what I’d consider travel-related. However, it can save you some headaches over the year.

I started seeing lots of people share advice regarding not abbreviating the year when signing documents.

In an article from, they mention that “police in Maine are advising people to write out the year 2020 when signing legal documents.”

I typically date years with the last two digits but this could be potentially dangerous by leading to fraud. If you date a document as 1/3/20, someone could add a couple of additional digits to the date making it read 1/3/2019.

The article from NECN says that “It could potentially save you some trouble down the road.”

There isn’t any mention of what kind of actual fraud could be committed but I’d stay on the safe side and write out the full year for 2020.

What do you think?

Find out more from NECN here.

4 thoughts on “In 2020 Be Careful When Signing Your Documents

  1. I’m sure there is some odd circumstances where this would matter but I can’t imagine how. Say I right a check or sign a car loan document or speeding ticket. I don’t know how anyone could profit from changing it from 1-1-20 to 1-1-2019, 2018, 2001.

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