Toys R Us Makes Its Return With Opening Of 1st Store

toys r usIt was a sad day back in mid- June 2018 when we visited Toys R Us for the last time before the company closed all of their stores.

As a kid I loved visits to Toys R Us, as an adult not so much. However, during visits to the store with Lucas it brought back good memories. I always tried hard not allow my feelings of nostalgia to lead to big purchases!

After being closed for a little over a year, Toys R Us once again opened up for business in the United States with it’s first new store.

The store, located in Westfield Garden State Plaza in New Jersey was opened by its new parent company, Tru Kids.

Fox reports that “Tru Kids partnered with b8ta, a software-powered experiential retailer, in a joint venture to launch a new store experience.”

The new store is smaller than the massive Toys R Us locations of the past but the brand seems to be evolving with “highly interactive with new events and activities.”

Beside this new location, another is planned to open at The Galleria in Houston, Texas this season.

Find out more from Fox News here.

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