Prince Harry Starts A Sustainable Travel Program

prince harryLike many of the Royals, Prince Harry is frequently in the news. I recently learned that the he had just launched a sustainable travel program which I found pretty surprising. Lonely Planet describes it as a “global initiative that aims to change the impact of travel“.

In the Lonely Planet article, Prince Harry said that the program, called Travalyst has some goals to make travel more sustainable, help to protect destinations while also benefiting communities and get people to make environmentally friendly decisions when traveling.

Its actually interesting that he started this green-friendly travel initiative considering he and wife Meghan have been slammed recently for “over using private jets to travel on four occasions recently.”

When Prince Harry was questioned about his use of private jets, he said that he came to the event flying commercial and that’s how the majority of his flights were. Harry also said that his family does need to fly private at times due to safety concerns.

Travalyst is Prince Harry’s charitable foundation Royal Sussex’s first project. Two years were spent working on the project with partners like

Find out more about Travalyst from Lonely Planet here.

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