Hilton Hotels Has A Cookie-Themed Suite At One Property!

Hilton HotelsHilton Hotels has various brands among their properties. However, one of them has been a favorite of ours due to a tasty snack given out to guests.

During our most recent visit to a Doubletree in Philadelphia almost a year back, we enjoyed their famous cookies at check-in, checkout and when we came back from dinner one night.

The cookies are a nice touch which kids and adults both love (at least in the Michael W Travels family)!

Thrillist reports that, “The DoubleTree by Hilton’s recently opened Banthai Resort in Phuket, Thailand just launched the first-ever cookie suite.

The room sounds perfect for the cookie-lover in all of us. It’s decorated with a fun cookie theme- “cookie-scented candles and body scrub, cookie-themed bath robes, cookie pillows, cookie towels and umbrellas for beach-going, and a full cookie bar,” where you can eat all the cookies you want.

Sadly, the cookie themed room won’t be a highlight of the Phuket resort forever. The suite will only be available until December 31, 2019.

We won’t be able to make it to Phuket before this Hilton Hotels cookie suite goes away. (Then again, I can’t imagine that the suite would be in our price range.)

It would be nice to see other Doubletree properties follow suit and create a cookie suite of their own.

Find out more about the Doubletree cookie suite here.

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