NFL Player’s Airbnb Stay Canceled Because…

NFLNFL players get paid well so you probably wouldn’t expect them to book stays through Airbnb. However, there are some pretty nice and pricey properties available on the site.

An NFL player booked an Airbnb stay and ran into some major problems due to an unreasonable host.

The player, Tyler Lockett, a wide receiver on the Seattle Seahawks had his booking canceled by the host just one week before his stay.

The reason for the cancellation is quite surprising.

Lockett tweeted, “I booked this Airbnb. And this man responded and said why are you staying at my house. Basically your overqualified and canceled my request.” Lockett also said that the host felt he should spend his money on more expensive properties due to his net worth!

The Seahawks player sent a tweet to @Airbnb saying he needed credit on his next booking due to the situation and in the end… they took care of the problem.

There’s no mention about whether or not the new property Lockett got was nicer than the original but at least Airbnb solved the problem. I’d expect the company to also penalize the host who canceled.

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  1. Fun Fact : I have a very nice , spacious, and centrally located 4bd 5 bath condo near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. 3 years ago I hosted some folks from Live Nation for an event that was happening in the city , I assume through word of mouth from those guest , but ever since that booking, I have played host to several NBA , NFL and MLB players , I had a NBA rookie spend 2 months at my place while searching for a house to by. I had a rather famous actor stay in my place 4 months while filming a movie oh Philly . I assume these folks enjoy some normalcy in their lives and they enjoy not having to deal with hotel guest constant reactions of shock … I live across the hall from my Airbnb listing and ppl in my building are all excited when someone famous comes in , but after 2 days the novelty wears off

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