New Jersey’s Anthony Bourdain Food Trail Officially Debuts

Anthony Bourdain
image: CNN

A couple of weeks after the tragic death of Anthony Bourdain a bill was proposed in New Jersey to create a Bourdain Food Trail.

On June 13 the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail debuted at Hiram’s Roadstand in Fort Lee, NJ. reports that “state officials and Bourdain’s family heralded the opening of the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail Thursday by presenting Hiram’s owners Pete Demiris and Jeff Escudero with a plaque marking the local restaurant as a stop on the route.”

I was definitely interested in seeing which places would be included on the trail. I was also curious to see if I’ve been to any of them.

The Anthony Bourdain Food Trail includes 10 places that the star chef, TV host and traveler visited during a 2015 NJ episode on his CNN series, Parts Unknown.

Here are the places which make up the trail:

To date, I’ve been to 3 of the places listed on the trail. From the three, I visited one of them (Donkey’s Place) due to seeing Bourdain visit on Parts Unknown.

Places included on the trail will receive an “official location” plaque which is pretty cool.

This is a really awesome gesture by the state of New Jersey to create this food trail to honor Anthony Bourdain. I’d expect places on the list to see an uptick in visitors due to this. I know that we’ll definitely try to check some of the places we haven’t yet visited.

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