Does The DoubleTree Cookie Have Competition From Fairfield Inn?

fairfield innI recently shared what we booked with my 25,000 points Marriott free night.

We booked a one night stay at the Fairfield Inn in Philadelphia Downtown/ Center City.

Philly was a good choice for us due to the proximity to home (we drove), the great food and lots of kid friendly options.

When we checked in (the Mobile Key didn’t work until after we were in our room), we were thanked for our loyalty of being a Gold Elite and offered a bottle of water and a brownie.I was a bit surprised by this offer since we’ve only received baked goods from DoubleTree upon check-in.

We were asked how many waters we’d like. Considering we’re a family of four, we asked for four waters. Along with our waters, we were handed four little pouches.
The sticker on the package said:

Celebrating 1000 Hotels- Enjoy this treat inspired by Alice Marriott’s famous brownies that warmly welcomed family and friends to the Marriott family’s Fairfield Farm.

Visit wasn’t really hungry for a brownie but I was curious to see and taste what was inside!When I opened the packet, I expected to see an actual brownie not a brownie bite.I took the first bite and while the brownie wasn’t hot, it was really enjoyable.

The brownie was soft and moist and had good chocolate flavor. It wasn’t overly sweet which is a good thing if you ask me. It reminded me of the store bought Little Bites, just better.

Overall, I’m not so sure that the Fairfield- Marriott brownie is competition for DoubleTree but it will be a tasty reason to be excited during future visits!

Have you tried the welcome brownie at Fairfield Inn? If so, what did you think of it?

3 thoughts on “Does The DoubleTree Cookie Have Competition From Fairfield Inn?

  1. Bill- I believe you!

    Island Miler- LOL. I was wondering if this was a unique item to this location or if all/ most Fairfield’s gave them out.

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