Spirit Airlines Employee Joins In Dance With Cheerleaders During Flight Delay

Spirit Airlines
image: twitter @kristieb213

During a flight delay, a group of cheerleaders decided to pass the time by having some fun. Rather than get upset, they had an “impromptu line-dancing party“, according to Yahoo.

The party got so epic that a Spirit Airlines employee decided to join in. The events led to a Twitter video which went viral.

The Spirit Airlines flight was supposed to fly from Myrtle Beach International Airport (South Carolina to Atlantic City, NJ.

Members of various cheerleading teams and their families were traveling home from a weekend competition in Myrtle Beach.

A mom, Kristie Brown (who shared the video to twitter) told Yahoo Lifestyle that “It was no big deal because the girls were all hanging out entertaining each other.”

When Spirit announced that the delays would be longer than expected due to weather, one coach took out a speaker and the girls started dancing.

A Spirit Airlines guest services agent was making announcements regarding weather delays for another flight and noticed the cheerleaders dancing to “The Cupid Shuffle.”

The agent, 26 year old Robert Dillon said it was really loud making it hard to continue with the announcements.

When the song “Wobble Baby” came on, Dillon decided to join in!

Yahoo mentions that “Dillon also works as an activities coordinator at a Myrtle Beach resort where he often does line dances with kids at the pool, he knew every song and dance the coaches were playing.”

Dillon said that he didn’t feel anyone was expecting it and they started cheering and getting very excited. Then, some people starting recording with their phones.

As Dillon helped board passengers onto their flights, he received many thanks due to how much fun they had despite the delays.

Since the Twitter video has gone viral, some passengers have recognized Dillon. Maybe some will turn the music up in the future to see if he’ll join in again!

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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