What Did I Book With My Last Uncapped IHG Anniversary Free Night?

ihgThe time has come to make a booking with my final uncapped IHG Anniversary Free Night.

Unfortunately I had a hard time booking this night. It was of no use during any past or upcoming trips. Between finding availability or finding a property worth using the free night for I kept coming up empty.

We’ve looked forward to using these free nights over the years and to staying hotels which we would never pay to stay at.

Last year, we used the IHG free night for a stay at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia. We really enjoyed the stay and you can check out my review of the property here.

Kim and I figured that this time the best bet was to book a stay in NYC or Philadelphia (again).

Although we live in Brooklyn, from time to time we enjoy spending a night in Manhattan. Due to this, we decided to save ourselves a ride to Philly and book a stay at a Kimpton property for the second year in a row.

In previous years, we’ve used the IHG Anniversary Free Nights at the EVEN Hotels: Times Square South and the Intercontinental New York Times Square.IHGI was hoping to book at stay at the Kimpton Ink48 Hotel but the property was not available using a free night. This wasn’t really a big deal as another option I was looking at was bookable.

In the end, we booked a one night stay at the Kimpton Hotel Eventi.

While we’d never pay to stay at the hotel, if we did, the stay would’ve come to $437.26 with tax. I’d say that this booking was definitely a good value to use our last uncapped anniversary free night for.

Some benefits of staying at the Kimpton Eventi is that it’s located just a few minutes away from Koreatown, a part of NYC which we love visiting. It’s also under 10 minutes away from MSG. Kim will be taking Theo there for a show while I do something else with Lucas.

How have you used your uncapped IHG Anniversary Free Nights?

7 thoughts on “What Did I Book With My Last Uncapped IHG Anniversary Free Night?

  1. baccarat_guy- Sounds great! I can use another visit to London.

    Evan- Enjoy the stay!

    Jennifer- Excellent! We were in Paris recently and there was no availability with the free night.

    Bill n DC- Awesome!

  2. IC-Park Lane is an excellent use. I’ve stayed at the Tokyo ANA IC and The Strings IC which would have been great.

    I used mine last summer for a DC Staycation at the new IC at The Wharf – hot new neighborhood along the Washington Canal. We paired it with the Ambassador 2-4-1 Cert for 3 nights in the Water Suite – super comfortable and spacious. brought the average nightly cost to just $200

  3. I used mine at IC Hong Kong last month and hubby will use his (for the 3rd time) at the IC Le Grand in Paris in April. We’ve used them at IC Sydney twice, IC the Strings Tokyo once, the Willard in Washington, DC once. What a great run!

  4. Used it for the IC-Park Lane in London during British Summertime Festival (seeing Barbra Streisand that day at the festival). All the Mayfair hotels were out of site, including the IC which was £500++ So, a decent value for the “last hurrah!” (and also a nice way to spend our anniversary!)

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