15 Year-Old Removed From Overbooked Spirit Airlines Flight, Mother Wasn’t Told!

Spirit Airlines
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Overbooked flights can cause headaches for those who get removed against their will. Besides not getting to your intended destination, injuries and lawsuits can also happen.

Spirit Airlines has now gotten themselves into some trouble for removing a 15 year old girl from a flight and failing to inform her mother of what was taking place!

Stacy Giordano was booked on a flight with her son and  15 year old daughter with Spirit Airlines in April 2018. They were supposed to fly from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Detroit, Michigan.

Giordano and her son were sitting in the back of the plane and her daughter was seated upfront. Due to overbooking, her daughter was removed from the plane.  “Her seat was given to another passenger“, according to Yahoo.

What’s even crazier about the story is that Giordano didn’t know about what happened until mid-way through the flight.

Her daughter tried calling, but Giordano’s phone was already placed in airplane mode.

Spirit Airlines refunded the cost of the ticket and also offered extra airline miles.

Giordano’s daughter was put on another flight a few hours later but the family is now suing for over $75,000. The family is claiming that they suffered from emotional distress due to the events which took place.

It’s hard to believe that an airline would remove this young girl and not choose an adult instead. What’s even crazier is that they didn’t inform her mother of what took place. With that said, I sure hope that the family wins the lawsuit. Talk about an awful situation to go through…

Find out more from Yahoo here.

5 thoughts on “15 Year-Old Removed From Overbooked Spirit Airlines Flight, Mother Wasn’t Told!

  1. Spirit airlines isn’t really an airline. It’s more of a cargo plane. The stupid person who removed a kid without telling the parent is more a “stock room manager” than an actual flight attendant. This employee should be immediately fired, as they have clearly demonstrated that they are too stupid to hold this position. But like I say – it’s Spirit. Stuff rolls downhill. Spirit is the bottom of the barrel.

  2. In all seriousness were they booked on separate PNRs or were they linked because you would think that if it was discovered that she was not traveling alone this would have less likely happened.

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