Moron Jumps Off 11th Story of Symphony Of The Seas, Banned For Life

Symphony of the Seas
image: pixabay

A passenger aboard the largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas did something extremely stupid.

Nick Naydev felt it would be fun to jump from the 11th floor of the ship and have his friends  record the stunt.

At the time of the jump, Symphony of the Seas was docked in Nassau, Bahamas.

In a video posted to Youtube, Naydev can be seen getting an assist from friends who help him stand on the railing before jumping into the ocean. The jump from the ship is estimated to be at around 100 feet.

When Royal Caribbean staff found him in the ocean, Naydev was told that he wouldn’t be allowed to board the re-board the ship. The cruise liner also said that they would not cover the cost to get him home.

Naydev’s friends were also banned by Royal Caribbean for life.

Royal Caribbean contacted the Nassau police but Naydev said that no charges were made since the police found the situation to be funny.

Naydev says that he didn’t think it through before jumping as he expected to just swim back to shore and continue his trip.

One friend said that they didn’t care about any consequences from Royal Caribbean. He told Yahoo Lifestyle, “We just wanted to get a video of it and make it go viral“.

After reading about this story, one word came to mind. Morons…

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2 thoughts on “Moron Jumps Off 11th Story of Symphony Of The Seas, Banned For Life

  1. Sounds like RC is a bit uptight – and not sure what crime they thought should be prosecuted (last I checked stupidity is not illegal). I can’t say a lifetime ban would bother me the least.

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