Due To Protests, the Eiffel Tower Will Close This Weekend

Eiffel Tower
image: wikicommons

When you think of France, the first thing that probably comes to most people’s minds is the Eiffel Tower.

During a visit to Paris years back, I walked up the Eiffel Tower in uncomfortable sandals due to my luggage being delayed. I’m looking forward to visiting the famed tower again during an upcoming visit, hopefully…

There has been lots of demonstrations and protests going on in Paris due to a fuel tax hike. These issues have been going on for weeks. Due to this, President Emmanuel Macron has stopped the increase for now.

However, the protests, known as the yellow vest movement have expanded to include other issues.

Due to a planned protest this upcoming Saturday, the Eiffel Tower will be closed. For those who purchased tickets online, they’ll get a refund.

Besides the Eiffel Tower closing, various museums and other cultural sites in Paris will also be closed. Additionally the Paris Opera has cancelled two performances and a couple of music festivals have been postponed.

Last weekend, the Arc de Triomphe was damaged during protests and it is still closed.

I don’t know much about the social issues being addressed by these protests but I do that they are able work things out and that no other monuments get damaged.

And on a personal note, I sure hope things calm down since we’ll be visiting France during winter break.

Find out more from CBS News here.

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