GROSS: Chinese Hotels Being Inspected for Unsanitary Cleaning Practices

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You never know how well  hotels have been cleaned after guests checked out and you show up for your stay.

Were the bed sheets changed, was the toilet seat wiped down properly? How about the the cups & utensils , were they washed or replaced with clean ones?

14 hotels in China are being inspected by the authorities  due to hidden camera recordings of cleaning crews using dirty towels to clean cups and glasses.

Some of the hotels caught on film included big international brands like Marriott and Waldorf Astoria.

The Chinese Tourism Ministry initiated the investigations by asking authorities in Beijing, Shanghai and three other provinces to investigate the hotels who appeared in the videos. To date, some of the hotels, including a Sheraton and Waldorf have apologized.

USA Today reports that the video “shows workers cleaning bathrooms. In several clips, they can be seen wiping down sinks, coffee cups and glasses with the same used towel. One wipes a glass with the bottom edge of her cleaning uniform.”

(If interested, you can check out the video here.)

The video was posted on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter by “an activist blogger who uses the pseudonym “Huazong”. He says that this has been a problem going on for a long time.

I can’t say that this comes as a surprise. My guess is that many of us often wonder how well the hotel rooms we stay in have been cleaned. For example, I know that we never use the glasses provided in a hotel room unless we wash them ourself. Do you?

Find out more from USA Today here.

4 thoughts on “GROSS: Chinese Hotels Being Inspected for Unsanitary Cleaning Practices

  1. mike murphy- Well not literally!

    Dustin Evans- Thanks for the heads up! I’ve heard that C Trip is a good site to use in China. That heat sounds unbearable…

  2. Honestly when you are traveling in china. Just stay at local hotels. C trip is a great app to book on from my experience. If there is an “orange hotel” that’s the name. I will usually go to those. Usually between 35 and 60 usd per night. If you are booking local. You want to keep it at least over 35. If you go below there is a chance you will get a very crappy room. But the orange hotel select in Chengdu. Was actually in a better location then most of the international chains in that city. And most I have been to have the “smart rooms” where you can control everything from your phone if you can read chinese or from the TV. Cause heck if the major chains are cleaning your water glass with the toilet rag. Idk if local chains do the same but at least you are paying a lot less money. Just a few days ago. I checked into the aloft Dalian. And the room was 37 C in the middle of the day. Went out for some meetings and came back at night and it was still 30 C. I’ve never actually had to leave a hotel in the middle of the night. But it was just unbearably hot. They did bring me a dan after complaining on Twitter. But it made no difference what so ever. Actually went to an orange hotel. And payed less money for two nights then just one at the aloft. The hotel was only a few months old and I think it was cleaner then the aloft was. Many of the international chains in China in the tall buildings turn off the air con syestem to save money. I know some people here have had air cons in big hotels blow hot air in China. I still don’t understand why hotels don’t understand this. But heat rises in cities. So when you are on the 34th floor of the aloft. And the front desk says “open the window” well the air is hotter outside.

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