Lyft Sends Ride Credit Which Is Really Just…

lyftFrom time to time (which pretty much seems like every month) ride-share service Lyft sends out targeted discount offers for future rides.

While these offers are nice to receive, I don’t usually get to take advantage of them.

More and more, we’ve been using ride-shares while traveling. (Find out about my awkward Uber experience in Baku, Azerbaijan here.)

The thing is that while at home, I have little need for ride-shares (I have a car) unless we take the train into Manhattan. Even then, we tend to walk all over or just hop on the train to get to another area.

Lyft just sent me an offer with what they’re calling “ride credit“. I expected to see some sort of monetary credit like $10 towards a future ride or something along those lines…

When I opened the e-mail, I saw what appeared to be the typical Lyft promotional offer- 10% off a specific amount of rides.

In this case, I was being given 10% off of 10 weekday rides until November 6. (I was sent the offer due to having a 5- star rating.) This isn’t what I’d consider an exciting offer.

Considering it says that the offer is “just for you“, it’s safe to say that it is targeted. The max savings per ride is $10.

Have you received any targeted promotional offers from Lyft? If so, what did you receive?

4 thoughts on “Lyft Sends Ride Credit Which Is Really Just…

  1. I get these offers all the time. Sometimes 25% off. Personally I prefer Lyft because the drivers tend to be better and Uber app is not customer friendly (glitches that they refuse to acknowledge or fix). Unfortunately Lyft is not available much outside USA … yet.

  2. Vet&Banker- Definitely a little better than my offer! Good point- anytime I use a rideshare, I always compare prices. Even with these kind of discounts, the price of a ride isn’t always the cheapest.

  3. I got 10% of 10 rides any time. In town, I use Lyft when I go out socializing. Drinking and driving is never worth it. So it’s nice to get a little off a few rides over a month, but it’s not going to change any of my behavior.

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