Former Victorias Secret Model Suing Hotel Over Bedbugs

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image: wikicommons

A former Victorias Secret model is suing a hotel in Califorina “after alleging she was bitten across her entire body while staying in a bedbug-infested room two years ago,” according to People.

The model, Sabrina Jales St. Pierre said through her attorney that the situation at the hotel has left her with psychological trauma and “affected her ability to model”.

St, Pierre said that she was one night into her stay when  bedbug bites appeared all over her. She was staying at the Palm Desert Embassy Suites hotel.

In the People article, huge bites can be seen on the model’s legs, back and shoulders. Jales St Pierre also had to “seek medical attention for bites that weren’t quickly healing”.

Jales- St Pierre’s lawyer mentioned how the incident had a big impact on her career. The bites also left her feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

She is suing the hotel for monetary and punitive damages.

The general manager of the hotel denied all of the allegations. He said that Jales- St Pierre was quickly relocated to another room after she reported the problem.

The hotel also had all of the model’s clothes dry- cleaned as a “gesture of hospitality“.

It’s hard to see which side to take here but if the model’s story is true then she should be compensated for the earnings she lost due to the bed bug bites. What do you think?

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