A Couple Of Congratulations E-Mails From Delta Air Lines

Delta Air LinesA couple of days back, I booked an award flight using some Delta Air Lines SkyMiles on a partner airline.

The following day, I received two congratulations e-mails from Delta.

The first e-mail congratulated me for “hitting 50,000 miles” (image above).

The thing that I found odd about this message was that I only “hit” 50,000 miles due to redeeming some miles the day before, for an award flight.

What I don’t understand is, why am I being congratulated for hitting 50,000 miles when I had almost double that amount less than a day before?

Fifteen minutes after that first message, I received another congratulations.Delta Air LinesThis e-mail congratulated me for using my miles.

I’d definitely consider this a more appropriate message.

In this e-mail, Delta Air Lines said, “We’re so glad you’re enjoying your miles—it’s a great feeling.” I couldn’t agree more- it did feel great! However, it didn’t feel great when I wasted my time during my very frustrating Delta Air Lines award booking fail, a couple of months back!

Overall, it was a nice gesture on the part of Delta Air Lines to send off these e-mails, even if one of them didn’t really make much sense.

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