2026 World Cup Final Will Be Held at MetLife Stadium in NJ

World Cup
image: wikicommons

The 2026 World Cup will be played in North America hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico.

TimeOut reports that this “will bring soccer’s most prestigious even to three countries for the first time.”

The North American trio beat out Morocco in a vote held last week.

During the World Cup, 80 soccer games will be played with 3/4 of them taking place in the United States. With three countries hosting the event, you’ve got to wonder, where might the finals be held?

I thought it was really cool to find out that the World Cup finals would be held close to home, at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

MetLife, is home to the NFL’s Jets and Giants. The stadium will be able to hold over 87,000 soccer fans for the big game.

I grew up playing soccer but I can’t say that I’m much of a fan. However, I’d definitely love to go to a World Cup match if possible.

Are you a soccer fan? If so, will you try to attend a match in North America in 2026?

Find out more from TimeOut here.

2 thoughts on “2026 World Cup Final Will Be Held at MetLife Stadium in NJ

  1. this is just crazy corrupt Fifa Mafia, why for hell there are 60 Games in the USA???? and only 10 in MEXICO where they play better Soccer than the USA, which has not even qualified for the WM this year. ?????

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