Uber Will Test Deliveries By Drone In One City

UberWhile we don’t use Uber frequently at home, the Michael W Travels family has been using the service more and more when traveling thanks to T-Mobile’s free international data.

Kim and I have used UberEats a few times but find it quite limited since you can only order from certain restaurants and only at limited times.

When you order food with UberEats, it’s delivered by a driver in around 30 minutes. Now Uber is testing a new way to get orders delivered faster.

GrubStreet reports that, “UberEats, the world’s largest food-delivery platform — has begun a new trial program in San Diego.” Uber wants a speedier way to make deliveries. The orders could arrive from 5 minutes from now to 30 minutes”, according to CEO Dara Khsrowshahi.

Khsrowshahi says that the 5 minute wait time is an estimate for those done with drones, while 30 minutes is what’s expected for deliveries done by people.

I’d love to have food delivered by a drone. I just wonder if they could deliver to the second floor so we don’t have to come downstairs.

Find out more from Grub Street here.

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