T-Mobile Tuesday Starbucks Fail, I Win In End!

T MobileKim and I switched to T Mobile a few months back for a couple of reasons.

The carrier was offering a buy one, get one iPhone offer or a $700 gift card for purchasing two iPhone X’s. The other reason for the switch was to have international data included in our plan.

The international data has been much better than expected so far during visits to Greece, Cyprus, Northern Cyprus and Portugal.

A nice little perk that we learned about after signing on were offers called T Mobile Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, through a dedicated app, various offers are available to those who are T-Mobile subscribers.

We’ve received $2 Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards a couple of times, missed out on a pink umbrella and Kim got a nice reusable bag.

This past Tuesday, T Mobile was offering $3 Starbucks gift cards. I claimed my offer in the morning but never received a gift card e-mail. Kim claimed her offer and received the e-gift card almost instantly!

To be honest, I don’t even drink coffee but I figured Kim could use the $3 off gift card or I could even get a snack for the kids.

I decided to reach out to Starbucks customer support. This was somewhat of a pain in the a$$ and in the end they told me to call T Mobile.

I figured there was nothing to lose by calling and the rep immediately apologized for the issue and looked into it. After a couple of holds, I was told a URL to test to get my gift card. This failed and I waited on another hold…

Then the rep said, I am really sorry for this. If you like, instead of the Starbucks gift card I can give you a $5 statement credit.

I happily accepted this offer which is almost 2X better than the original Tuesday offer!

So, if you have any trouble with a T-Mobile Tuesday offer, just give the carrier a call- you never know what they’ll offer you!

3 thoughts on “T-Mobile Tuesday Starbucks Fail, I Win In End!

  1. Lance- I did follow the directions, I never received an e-mail with the code. If it wasn’t an error on T Mobile’s end then it is possible that I entered my e-mail incorrectly. However, the rep never suggested that.

  2. You didn’t follow the directions. You have to “claim” from T-Mobile and then “redeem” with Starbucks. It’s nice that they made it right for you, but the problem was most likely that you didn’t complete the process whereas your wife did.

    1. You really helped me out by writing this. I called T-mobile and they helped me out with a $5 Credit too! Thank you Michael for the tip!

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