Earn Up To 3 United Miles Per $1 On BP Purchases

united milesWhen I purchase gas for my car, I first pick up gift cards from Staples for either Shell or BP. This allows me to earn 5X points for my gas purchases by using my Chase Ink Bold card.

It’s been harder to find BP gift cards in recent months so I was happy to see an offer to earn up to 3X United miles at the pump.

The way this offer works is pretty simple:

  1. First you need to sign up for BP Driver Rewards. Then you’ll have to choose to earn and use miles as your rewards earning option. From here you need to connect your United MileagePlus Account.
  2. Link your payment method- credit or debit card
  3. Go to BP and pump some gas. Don’t forget to use Driver Rewards card or linked payment.

Earn up to 3X miles per $1:

  • Driver Rewards members who select United MileagePlus as their reward type in their account will earn 1 award mile per gallon of BP fuel purchased.
  • Link a form of payment to your Driver Rewards account to earn 1 additional award mile per gallon of regular or mid-grade fuel purchased (for a total of 2 miles per gallon).
  • OR- earn 2 additional award miles per gallon of premium grade fuel purchased (for a total of 3 miles per gallon).

Some Rules:

  • There is a maximum of 20 gallons per fuel purchase.
  • Member must enter their Driver Rewards number or swipe a linked card at the pump.

Considering I do not put premium gas in my car, I see this offer as one where I can earn 2 additional bonus miles per $1 spent at BP. That bonus falls way short of what I can earn by purchasing gift cards at Staples.

I’m debating whether or not its worth enrolling in this offer? Since BP gift card are hard to come by, earning some sort of bonus is better than no bonus!

Find out more and enroll in BP Driver Rewards to earn bonus United miles here.

3 thoughts on “Earn Up To 3 United Miles Per $1 On BP Purchases

  1. Kyle Hawkins- I wasn’t under the impression that you could use the offer with a gift card. Guess I could try and see what happens.

    Nancy- Thanks for the tips! I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. I just enrolled in this last month. If you link a credit card and then use a gift card, you still get two points per gallon (or least I am). You also get 200 bonus miles for registering and linking a card. I have noticed that BP does not have a rewards option at all stations. I found instructions that if you hit Cancel when you begin, it brings up a screen to allow you to enter your rewards number and then you can swipe your gift card.

  3. at least do your current method of buying a BP gift card and their basic 1 point per gallon. Gives you a net 6 points/miles then (5 from Staples and 1 from BP rewards).

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