El Al Plane Hit On Tarmac By Germania Airlines Plane

El Al
image: wikicommons

Last week an El Al Boeing 767 was hit by a Germania Boeing 737 as it was being pushed back from the gate before taking off.

The incident is currently under investigation and both planes are currently out of service.

Haaretz.com reports that “The damage to the El Al jet is estimated at millions of shekels.” (Just an FYI one shekel= .29¢ US.)

The incident took place at Ben Gurion Airport in the morning on Wednesday, March 28.

Luckily all of the passengers got off of the planes without any reported injuries.

The El Al plane was supposed to take off for Rome and the Germania plane was getting ready to leave for Berlin. According to the article, all passengers were waiting for new flights.

The New York Post reports that “the person responsible for the incident is apparently the driver of the tow truck that moved the German plane from the terminal.” I guess someone will be looking for a new job…

A video on Haaretz.com shows the tail of both planes stuck together and then being moved apart. The damage to each plane is clearly visible.

Luckily this error was costly only in money now needed for repairs and not in injury to anyone onboard.

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