Airlines Not Happy With Passengers Taking First Class Blankets

First ClassWhen you fly in premium cabins during a flight, odds are pretty high that the amenities offered will be pretty nice.

Travel + Leisure says that, “First class is getting more luxurious all the time.” Due to the airlines offering nicer items up front, some passengers like to take souvenirs home.

The T + L article mentions that United introduced Saks Fifth Avenue bedding last year. The airline has had to inform crew that this premium bedding tends to disappear from flights. United has asked crew to help to make sure that the bedding remains on the plane by reminding passengers that it needs to stay on the flight. (I’d love to hear that message for myself. Too bad we haven’t flown in first class in quite some time!)

United feels that by offering the bedding for sale at its online shop, it could help with the thievery. One of their Saks Fifth Avenue duvets sells online for $59.99.

The problem isn’t restricted to United. Similar problems have happened with British Airways and American Airlines, too.

I always wondered how frequently airline bedding and blankets were washed. T+L says that, “airlines launder the products between each flight.” This is definitely good to know! The bedding gets lots of use as it will only be replaced after 30-50 flights.

Have you ever taken bedding or blankets off of a plane?

I have to confess that I have. When Lucas and I flew to Poland in Business Class, we loved the blanket during our Air Berlin (RIP) flights. I really wanted one as a functional souvenir, so I was able to (surprisingly) fit one into my backpack. I felt a little guilty but we still use it today.

I also like to take the small metal spoons from flights. Are there any other items which you like to take from a flight?

Find out more from T+L here.

4 thoughts on “Airlines Not Happy With Passengers Taking First Class Blankets

  1. +1 for the blankets and small spoons. If you get an adapter, the business class headsets are pretty good too. ;<)

  2. Salt & Pepper shakers
    nut dish
    bathroom toiletries

    yeap I’ve helped myself to some souveniers 😉

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