US Embassy Issues Travel Warning For Mexico

US Embassy
image: Google Maps

The US Embassy issued a travel warning in Mexico earlier today.

When I first heard about this, I expected it to be in Mexico City or another city, not a resort area.

The travel warning was issued for Playa del Carmen due to “recent explosion aboard a ferry nearby“, according to

The US Embassy closed services and issued the alert without specifically saying what the threat was.

Two incidents recently occurred on the ferry which travels from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel. Last month, there was a non-fatal explosion and then this week an explosive device was found on another boat.

The embassy initially stopped allowing its employees to ride the ferry. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told ABC News that, “personnel must keep away until further notice.”

The explosion on the ferry in February caused injuries to 25 people, including two Americans and three Canadians.

While the US Embassy issued the travel warning, Mexican officials are saying that the area is safe and still visited by many tourists.

Would you visit an area which received a travel warning? I think that I’d have to read more into and then decide for myself.

Find out more from here.

9 thoughts on “US Embassy Issues Travel Warning For Mexico

  1. Andy- LOL- I’m sorry that you’re such an angry person.
    1- It’s great to hear that people want to move to places other than the US. Good for them.
    2- If you want to hate on the US be my guest but please do it somewhere else.
    3- Don’t assume who somebody supports. I didn’t vote for either candidate- they both sucked and I am not into politics.
    4- You totally figured me out and why I travel. I have nothing to prove to you and I’ll continue to show my family the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people.
    5- Get off your high-horse and please don’t come back here. The country doesn’t need more people with Anti-American sentiment.

    DaninMCI- Very good points and safe travels!

  2. I’ve traveled to countries with US travel warnings. I’ve found myself in some bad situations a few times so you need to be smart and not be blind to these warnings. My safety motto is: “it’s all fun until it’s not” that is just because it seems safe doesn’t mean it’s a safe thing to do. For example walking through a Chicago Ghetto with Andy where I’m not allowed to carry my own firearm. Or how about ending up in a political rally/riot in Turkey. Or another time in Palestine during a terrorist attack. Those places seemed safe to me…common sense isn’t common. I hate to see rising violence in Mexico.

  3. Michael… there’s a reason why people want to move anywhere, not just the US.

    If your Pres continues to be an embarrassment/ disgrace (pretty sure you support him from your previous posts) then you’ll see plenty more wanting/ trying to get the hell out and never come back. Yeah man… things work in both directions. Hard to believe huh? The USA is not the best?

    Flaws??? In my opinion it’s the very bottom of all First world countries factoring cost of education, health care, just downright walk on the street safety etc etc

    I’ve also lived in Mexico, where the only crime perpetrated against me was from a low life criminal from the good old US of A. Mexicans were kind, warm and welcoming. Ironically in Playa del Carmen.

    I’m guessing that maybe people like you don’t really travel to experience the wonder of other places, it’s to feel superior and look forward to coming back to shallow superficial Americana. If you ever lived anywhere else for a long period of time you might see it. But you won’t.

    You can keep it, I ain’t coming back. Just my humble option brother.

  4. Andy- Travel warnings should be looked at and you can definitely then decide for yourself what is the best thing to do. As for the criticism of the US, while the country does have its flaws, there is a reason why many want/ try to come here.

    Deltahater- I disagree. People do read them and can do what they choose with the info.

    dan- It’s around an hour away.

    Stan V- Interesting…

    tim- I think my title is fine. Thanks for the feedback though.

  5. This is not a travel warning for Mexico. It is a travel warning for Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I hope you’ll consider changing your title.

  6. The U.S. mainstream media rarely reports news out of Mexico. The Mexican narco cartel violence has gotten more brutal, sadistic – if that’s even possible. The only cities that are nominally under the control of the federal government is Mexico City (Distrito Federal), Puebla and Guadalajara. That’s about it. Look it up. The current map of Mexico of foreign government advisories pretty much covers 80 percent of Mexico. Even Germany, this week, sent out a warning. The Australian and UK foreign office websites are pretty good with their alerts/maps as is the U.S. The Canadian government pretty much doesn’t have a clue or plays the PC game under Trudeau.

  7. Dep of State Travel Warnings are like a T&C on an airline ticket. No one reads them and no one cares.

    I got a trip planned to CUN in June and one to CZM in Nov and of course I am still going.

  8. You’re right Michael, you shouldn’t blindly believe travel warning BS. Playa is safe.

    However I have heard of a country that every few weeks, gunmen just start shooting the public down in cold blood, kids even.

    And a country that if tragedy does strike, and injured you’ll be charged hundreds of thousands of dollars to be seen by a doctor.

    And a country that you better not scratch another car by accident without full full insurance, or look at someone the wrong way, there are hoards of voracious lawyers ready to pounce on you.

    Apart from that it’s a nice country. Very welcoming to other cultures and religions…. oh… wait. No scratch that one too

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