Ridiculous Street Signs #24: Watch For Old People- Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

Northern CyprusWhether it be at home or while traveling, I love coming across odd and strange signs. Over the years I’ve posted a collection of Ridiculous Street Signs.

Ridiculous Street Signs aren’t an easy thing to come across. These days, it seems like I might find one good sign per year. I’ve also shared signs contributed by readers and friends.

In February 2018, the Michael W Travels family took a trip to Greece and Cyprus. During our visit, we also visited two parts of Northern Cyprus which happened to be quite interesting.

One day we drove to the city of Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus, mainly to check out its scenic port.

While looking for parking, there was some traffic on the road Ziya Rizki Cadessi. (It’s amazing what you can look up on Google maps. It isn’t like I remembered the street’s name!)

While I was at a stop I noticed this sign to my left.
Northern CyprusI mentioned to Kim that we had to go for a closer look once we parked. This wasn’t much of a problem since we had to go back this way to eventually make our way to Kyrenia Castle.

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this kind of sign before and I did find it quite funny.Northern CyprusI didn’t really know what to make of it at first. Was it a joke? I doubted that it was.

Some guesses for what the sign could mean were:

  • Beware of old people
  • Watch out for old people
  • Old people walking
  • Elderly people crossing
  • Maybe there was a senior home close-by

Either way, Kim and I found it funny that not a single elderly person walked by while we admired this ridiculous sign!

Have you seen this or a similar sign somewhere in the world? If so, please enlighten us as to what it actually means. Also, please let us know where you spotted it.

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