Kicked Off Flight, Man Strips On Tarmac, Punches Airport Employee

image: screen capture from

A man was kicked off of a flight a few days back and responded unlike anything we’ve every seen before.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that, “once off the flight, the man stripped to the waist and squared off with airport personnel.”

American Airlines Flight AA5466 was supposed to fly from Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina to Cincinnati.

The man was asked to leave the flight due to his behavior. No details were shared regarded what he had actually done.

The plane was set to leave at 1:29 PM but got delayed around 40 minutes due to the incident.

Two passengers took video of the man’s bizarre behavior on the tarmac after leaving the plane. The videos show the man taking off his shirt, pacing around, coming at employees and even punching one of them.

While the videos aren’t very long, I was surprised that police didn’t immediately arrive on the scene. Besides assaulting people, the man was walking around an active area with planes moving around.

The article didn’t mention if the man was arrested, I’d assume he was.

Find out more from the Winston-Salem Journal here.

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