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Virgin America
image: Virgin America

Last summer, the Michael W Travels family flew Virgin America at the beginning and end of our five week trip to the Pacific. These will end up being the first and last flights we’ll ever take with the airline.

On the last day of the trip, our Fiji Airways flight from Vanuatu to Nadi was delayed, causing us to miss later flights. Virgin America totally helped us out, changing a flight we missed at no cost so we’ll definitely miss their customer- friendly policies.

Sadly, Virgin America will cease to exist towards the end of April as the airline is being folded into Alaska Airlines.

Many people are interested in flying on inaugural flights. While we don’t seek out these kind of flights, we randomly flew on the inaugural Air China Montreal- Havana flight a few years back.

With the final Virgin America flight coming up, some people might be interested in flying on this historic trip.Virgin AmericaT+L reports that, “The last two official Virgin America flights ever will be on April 24, taking off from San Francisco at 9:30 p.m. Flight 1182 travels to Newark, and Flight 1948 heads to Los Angeles, Alaska toldĀ Travel + Leisure. When 1182 (a red-eye) lands in Newark in the early morning hours of April 25, Virgin America will be no more.”

If you’re interested in flying on Virgin’s last flight ( Flight 1182 on April 24), seats are still available.

The cost to purchase that specific flight will set you back $179 in main cabin, $269 in main cabin select or $999 in business.

I also priced a roundtrip in main cabin which comes to $286.60 if you leave from EWR on Saturday, April 21. This isn’t actually bad to fly roundtrip from the NY area to San Francisco.

This kind of memory doesn’t really excite or interest me but it might be of interest to some of you airline geeks out there.

When we flew on that inaugural flight to Cuba, it felt like a special flight. There was a cake, shirts were given out, banners were hanging, along with other things. T+L shared news that “no special activities are planned.”

Do you like to fly inaugural flights? Are you interested in flying an airline’s final flight? I have to say that it does sound like pretty cool bragging rights- it’s just not for me.

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