American Airlines Pilot Attacks Ground Agent, Causes 27 Hour Delay

American Airlines
image: Aero Shots

Over the summer a Delta flight was delayed due to a fight between a pilot and a flight attendant.

A few days back, an American Airlines flight was delayed for a ridiculously long 27 hours due to a fight between a pilot and a ground agent!

The flight was supposed to fly from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Miami when the pilot and ground agent got into an argument about the jet bridge.

Due to the incident, American Airlines flight AA930 was canceled at 1:00 AM, just minuted before it was supposed to board.

T+L reports that, “the plane’s co-pilot attempted to adjust the alignment of the bridge but the pilot intervened, claiming the bridge was then in the wrong position… When the ground agent told the pilot that the bridge was, in fact, in the “correct position,” things got heated.”

It’s hard to say what really took place since each party has a different story. The pilot allegedly pushed and grabbed the ground agent by her neck while the pilot claims that the ground agent tried to punch him.

Due to the delay the passengers were put up for a night at a hotel and given meal vouchers. They flew to Miami the next day on a few different flights.

The pilot was arrested and can potentially spend 3 months to a year in jail if found guilty.

Find out more from T+L here.

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