Worried About Valuables, Woman Climbs Into X-Ray Machine In Train Station

train stationYou always have to be careful and pay extra attention to your valuables at the train station. They can be crowded and you never know if someone might try to grab your things.

One woman was gonig through a security check at a train station in China and was worried to let her bag out of her sight.

She was so worried that she decided to climb into the x-ray machine with her bag as it got checked out.

The Daily Mail wrote that, “Security staff were shocked to see the silhouette of a woman as they monitored the X-ray screens.”

This bizarre situation took place on February 11 in Dongguan which is located in Guandong Province.train stationA video shows the woman on her journey through the x-ray machine as well as when she comes out and climbs off of the machine.

The video also showed the woman checking her bag after leaving the area. I’d love to know what she was looking for in the bag that she was so worried about!

The Daily Mail also wrote how millions of people are traveling to go home for the Chinese New Year which is on February 16.

I don’t know about you, but I find it a bit extreme and crazy for somebody to accompany their bags through an x-ray machine.

Find out more from the Daily Mail here.

(images above are screen captures from video in Daily Mail article.)




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