There’s A Mysterious Abandoned Boeing 737 On Bali

Boeing 737
image: wikicommons

There’s currently a mystery, which has yet to be solved on Bali.

People are wondering how an abandoned Boeing 737 got to the middle of a field on the island.

The plane is five minutes away from a beach, off the Raya Dusa Selatan highway. It’s now become a new tourist attraction!

Currently, the plane is parked behind gates, being watched by a security guard. If you want to see it, tickets need to be bought. T+L wrote that, “very few actually get to see what’s on board. Some visitors and travel bloggers have tried to get up close to the plane, to no avail.”

It’s unclear whether or not the Boeing 737 was part of the fleet of an airline or not since it has no markings on it.

Travel + Leisure mentions that, “some people speculate that the surrounding shipping containers concealed it from view for a while”according to The Sun. Another theory is that the plane was meant to become a restaurant but the owner ran out of money and couldn’t complete the project. (Check out the plane restaurant that we ate at in Costa Rica here.)

While this Boeing 737 is a mystery to many, somebody has to know who the plane belongs to. It can’t be too hard for the government to figure out who owns the land that the plane is parked on. You also have to wonder, who is paying a security guard to keep watch over the plane.

Find out more from T+L here.

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