Fire On Aeroflot Flight, Passengers Come To The Rescue

image: Aero Shots

A fire broke out as an Aeroflot flight landed in Volgograd, Russia earlier in the week.

Surprisingly, most of the passengers stayed calm, “as the cabin filled with smoke,” according to Fox News.

The flight, which was coming in from Moscow had already landed when the fire began. The cause of the fire is suspected to be from a portable charger.

Fox mentions that footage from inside the Aeroflot plane shows passengers trying to put out the fire as smoke is coming out of the device. Bottled water was passed to people nearest to the fire to use to fight the flames.

In the end, passengers and crew put out the flames with water and a fire extinguisher. As the drama unfolded, only a handful of passengers panicked

Passengers were evacuated from the plane “via inflatable ladders“.

This sounds like an extremely scary situation. Imagine if the flight was still in the air when the fire broke out.

I wonder if this will lead to Aeroflot (and other airlines) banning portable chargers on their flights.

Find out more from Fox News here.

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