Tourists Allegedly Charged $1,350 For Three Steaks And Fish In Venice!

VeniceFood can be very pricey in touristy areas. We usually avoid the main tourist drags when looking for dining options.

However, when I think of pricey I didn’t mean that it could be $1,350 pricey for one meal in Venice. That’s what one group of Japanese students were allegedly charged recently.

The students got the police involved when they claimed to be charged €1,100 for a meal which included three steaks and one plate of fried fish. Ouch!

Restaurant Osteria da Luca, located close to St Mark’s Square, is the culprit in the alleged pricey meal.

A spokesman for the April 25 Group, a civil rights organization in Venice said, “This is just the latest case of many of this kind,” according to the Telegraph.

When the owner was questioned about the ridiculously pricey meal, he said that he didn’t remember having any problems with Japanese customers.

As the Venice Carnival gets underway, the Telegraph mentions that tourists are at an even greater risk for these kinds of scams.

I’m just curious if the Japanese students paid the outrageous bill. If they didn’t, would the owner call the police? If he did, then the police would know the truth about these kind of scams.

Find out more from The Telegraph here.

One thought on “Tourists Allegedly Charged $1,350 For Three Steaks And Fish In Venice!

  1. Well that is why you don’t eat at any place without a menu clearly stating prices (and preferably photograph it) or you’re stupid and deserve to pay whatever they decide to charge you. A little common sense never hurt any tourist.

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