No Running Water On Delta Airlines Flight, Pax Had To Wash With…

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The Michael W Travels family’s last flight of the year was a short one. We flew from Detroit to New York’s JFK Airport.

The airline hooked us up with First Class seats which were quite comfy. For the short flight, no meal was served but a snack basket was brought around. We weren’t exactly hungry since we ate a nice meal (on the airline) while in the airport in Detroit.

After the safety briefing, the flight attendant chuckled (sort of) and announced that due to no running water on the plane, we’d have to clean our hands with wet naps in the lavatory.

A pause ensued, then the flight attendant mentioned the cause of the problem, it was possible that the pipes froze due to the cold weather!delta airlinesDuring the short flight home I didn’t have a need to use the restroom but I was curious to see what was going on in the lavatory.

The sink was filled with wet naps so I wasn’t going to test the faucet. I trust that the FA was telling us the truth.

I gave the toilet a try and I was shocked to see that it did flush! Maybe it doesn’t need water?

Have you ever flown on a plane which had no running water in the bathroom? I’m curious to see just how common an occurrence this might be.

4 thoughts on “No Running Water On Delta Airlines Flight, Pax Had To Wash With…

  1. George- Sounds sanitary! lol

    JS- Crazy that it happened both ways. Do you recall how many bonus miles you received?

    Janet- I agree with your comment about the plumbing. I don’t know where our plane came in from but it wasn’t that cold in Austin that pipes would freeze!

  2. I flew DCA-LAX on Delta a few weeks ago and there was no running water in the bathroom, so they put out 2-litre bottles of water for handwashing. I think this is a general plumbing issue, rather than a pipe freeze.

  3. Yes. Flew SFO-TPE on a United 777 a couple years ago. Flight ran out of potable water; no coffee nor running water in bathroom. Flight attendants placed bottled water in bathroom for our hands. Ended up getting some miles in return. Same problem happened on the return.

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