Product Review: The Mifold Super- Portable Booster Seat

mifoldIn travel and everyday life, safety is of utmost importance when you’re getting into a car with kids.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to traveling with a car seat or booster seat is portability. Bringing your own car seat equates to bringing a lot of extra bulk on a trip but it will save you a good amount of money instead of renting one. A booster seat isn’t as bulky as a car seat but they can still take up a decent amount of space.

We came across an interesting car seat alternative earlier in the year, the Ride Safer Travel Vest.

I had received e-mails about another, super- portable booster seat option a while back. Then, I was offered the opportunity to test out and review the mifold.

MiFold differs from typical booster seats since it lowers/ holds the seat belt down in a car rather than lifting a child up.

With the mifold being 10X smaller than the average booster seat I was intrigued and definitely wanted to give it a try.

mifoldAs you can see, the mifold can pretty much fit in the palm of your hand. The best part is that it easily fit inside my backpack and mifold’s site says that it can “even fit in your glove box.”

When folded, the mifold is a tiny 10 in. x 5 in. and it weights just 1.6 pounds.
mifold When you’re ready to use it, just open it up.
Lay it down on the desired seat.Extend the side latch pieces out.Have you kiddie take a seat.Slide the seat belt through the lap belt guides.Then use the shoulder strap to keep the seat belt down.Presto, all done!

While the mifold has lots of positives due to its size and packability, there was also some negatives.

I found it a bit hard to slide the seat belt through the lap belt guides. I also wondered if it might be hard to get the belt off quickly in the event of an emergency.

I asked Lucas how he liked the mifold and he told me that it wasn’t so comfy. He felt that it wasn’t big like our other booster seat which has padding. He didn’t love sitting in it but said he didn’t mind using it while traveling.

Based on our trial run with the mifold, I do think that it’s a great travel item and worth investing in but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it for everyday use.

The mifold costs $44.99 which is a reasonable price to pay. It’s made for children ages 4 and up, weighing from 40- 100 pounds.

Find out more about the mifold booster seat here.

I want to think mifold for providing me with one to review. All thoughts are my own (and Lucas’s).

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2 thoughts on “Product Review: The Mifold Super- Portable Booster Seat

  1. We have a Bubble Bum, and prefer that.

    IMO any minimalist booster is less about safety, than being able to say you “have a booster” for legal reasons. When one travels with little people, sometimes you have to travel by bus, or taxi where there’s nothing at all and accept the risks.

    1. Vicente- I hear where you’re coming from but a booster’s purpose is to raise the child so the seat belt sits properly on little ones. I’m not sure that these are any less safe than a regular booster seat…

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