Did You Hear About The Boeing 747 Party Plane?

Boeing 747
image: wikicommons

While the primary purpose of a plane is to get us from point A to point B, many retired planes are used for other things.

In Costa Rica there’s a restaurant called El Avion built around a C-123 Fairchild cargo plane. In Oregon, a man turned a retired Boeing 727-200 into a home. You can also eat your Big Mac inside a McDonald’s plane!

There’s many other uses for retired planes and one privately owned airport came up with a great idea.

You can now get married on a Boeing 747 at Cotswold Airport (in the UK) after the aircraft underwent seven months of renovations. The Sun reports that, “the operator was given a license to perform civil wedding ceremonies and naming ceremonies“. (The plane is the only one in the world licensed for wedding, according to the article.)

If you prefer to get married at a different venue at the airport, you can also do so in the operational control tower, “the only such venue in the world“.

Although the Boeing 747 underwent major renovations, it still retains some original decor including the seat numbers still being visible.

What’s really cool about this unique Boeing 747 is that it can be set up in different ways. There’s even enough space for a stage, makeup & dressing rooms, all of which can be in separate spots from the main event area.

To further the aviation experience, you can also enjoy a meal in a restaurant next to the runway.

The airport isn’t just a spot for parties, it’s still operational with celebrities and other high-profile people flying in and out on private aircrafts.

I’d love to attend a wedding reception or party on a retired plane, would you?

Find out more from The Sun here.

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