I Won 10,000 Best Western Rewards Points!

best western rewardsA few days back I came across a post from Loyalty Traveler about a contest where you could win 1,000,000 Best Western Rewards points.

From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Best Western Rewards members could sign-in for a chance to spin to win some points in the Black Friday Instant Win Game.

The first couple of days that I entered I struck out (or maybe I spun out)…

Yesterday I logged in on the final day of the promotion. I had two spins left and didn’t expect to win anything but you never know…

I’ve had some pretty good luck in the past winning various prizes through travel contests so why not this time!

Here are some other contests that I’ve won:

Now back to the Best Western Rewards contest…

I took my first spin and was surprised to see this:

Best Western RewardsInstant Rewards : You win 10,000 Best Western Rewards Points!

Not bad at all! I’m one of the 5,000 winners to win this prize.

Too bad I wasn’t one of the lucky four to win 1,000,000 Best Western Rewards points. However, my prize can get me a free night in North America until January 31.

(FYI- with my second spin I won 100 additional points.)

Did you play the Best Western Black Friday Instant Win Game? If so, did you win any points?

2 thoughts on “I Won 10,000 Best Western Rewards Points!

  1. Interesting….I also had two spins yesterday and won 10,000 points on the 1st spin and then 100 points on the 2nd spin.

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