Third Gender Option Being Offered For Canadian Passports

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This might not be new news to some of you but I just came across some interesting  info regarding Canadian passports.

Canadian passports now have a third, gender neutral option.

T+L writes that, “Gender “X” is part of the government’s LGBTQ initiatives.”

The Canadian government is taking more steps to provide equal rights for transgender and others with non-conforming gender identities. Along with “F” for female and “M” for male, a letter “X” can now be selected for Canadian passports.

T+L quote the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen who said, “All Canadians should feel safe to be themselves, live according to their gender identity and express their gender as they choose.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a champion for transgender and non-gender conforming people’s rights. He became the first prime minister to march in a pride parade in 2016. He also “appointed a special advisor for LGBTQ issues.”

I was surprised to learn that Canada isn’t the first to offer a third gender option for passports. The article mentions eight other countries that do so too.

Find out more from T+L here.

6 thoughts on “Third Gender Option Being Offered For Canadian Passports

  1. Canada and other countries should allow us to change the birth dates on our passports and birth certificates. For example, if I am well-caffeinated and feel extra peppy, then I feel that I am 16 and should be entitled to every right that other minors have. Similarly, If I’m often achy in the morning, I feel 70 and should I get my full pension and other benefits (such as social security if I’m from the US). And if you or another country’s immigration dare tell me that I’m really in my 40s, that is so dehumanizing, it is age discrimination, hate speech, and they are ….

  2. Marvelous Marvin- I also wondered how it would work upon entering other countries.

    DaninMCI- It’s definitely an interesting time as nobody wants to offend others… I’d also like to see how this works in other countries.

  3. It really dishonors transgender people as they identify as Male or Female not X. Its also lame and stupid in general but most of already knew that. It may also be offending to identify PM Trudeau as a “He” I would guess but who knows. I’m sure having gender X will go over really well at those border checks in KSA, Russia, etc.

  4. Pure insanity. Transgender has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with gay or lesbian. So this “X” is for someone wanting to change genders. Why these people try to put gays & lesbians in the same box as this is just insanity!
    And will this X gender work in other countries?

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