Easy 400 JetBlue TrueBlue Points For A Survey Posted!

JetBlue TrueBlue

Last week I wrote about a way to earn an easy 400 JetBlue TrueBlue points for completing a survey.

A few hours after I posted about the offer, a reader commented that the offer had already closed. Another wrote how it would take a really, really long time to earn 400 JetBlue TrueBlue points.

After I opened my Jet Opinions account, I waited a few days before I attempted to complete a survey.

Based on the comments, I hoped that:

  1. It wasn’t too late to get the 400 points bonus
  2. It didn’t take too long to complete the survey

I logged in and clicked the button to complete a survey. (I can’t say that I recall what it was about.) it took me around 7-8 minutes to finish and then I was offered another survey to earn more points.

I felt that I spent enough time on surveys for a day so I left the site.

A few hours later I decided to log-in to my JetBlue account. When I checked my account activity, I was surprised to see that the 400 points bonus from taking the Jet Opinions survey had already posted! Along with the bonus, I also received a whopping 2 additional JetBlue TrueBlue points for the survey I had taken.

In the end, signing up for Jet Opinions for the 400 bonus points was a no-brainer. For less than 10 minutes of work, I earned some pretty easy points.

Have any of you signed up for Jet Opinions? I’d love to hear what it’s been like when it comes to earning points for surveys.

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