You Might Not Want To Use This In Your Hotel Room

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After reading this you might want to reevaluate the idea of using one of the amenities in your hotel room in the future.

Coffee is clearly a very popular beverage and a must-drink each day for many people. A cup of coffee can easily set you back $3-$4 a pop. Luckily, the majority of hotel rooms come with a hot water kettle so you can make a cup of coffee (or tea) in your room.

I never use the hot water kettle since I don’t drink coffee and am not really a fan of hot beverages. Kim will take advantage of the free coffee at hotels as a last resort as she does not love instant. I now told her she might want to reconsider this option.

T+L reports that, “some customers might be finding a second use for hotel room kettles.

While most people are using the kettle to heat up some water for a cup of coffee or tea, others are, “using that kettle to clean their undergarments.”

T+L says the issue came up when someone tweeted a question asking if anyone cleans their underwear in a kettle when traveling! First thoughts- gross and disgusting. I think most of you would agree.

While one tweet might not mean that many people are using the kettle as their underwear laundry machine but the T+L article also mentions that, “similar rumored incidents of people using the kettles to boil their undergarments have also been spotted on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like online networking tool, with users saying they have heard accounts of people who supposedly use the kettles to clean their underwear.”

While I’d assume that boiling water would kill bacteria from underwear, this is still a disgusting practice. Also, T+L writes that, “some types of bacteria are resistant to high temperatures, causing danger to someone’s health.”

Will the idea of somebody washing their underwear in the hotel room kettle prompt you to stop using it?

FInd out more from T+L here.

2 thoughts on “You Might Not Want To Use This In Your Hotel Room

  1. There’s all kinds of ways that daily life and travel in general can make me sick – I’m not going to stop using the kettle because *someone, somewhere* did something gross. I’m sure there are a ton of other gross things that happen every day.

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