Aspen Police Warn Against Taking Selfies With Bears

taking selfies

Taking selfies is quite a popular thing to do but it can definitely get you into trouble.

Here are a few examples:

It seems like dangerous selfies usually involve high up places and animals. The Aspen Police Department has an interesting warning for people in the area.

The people of Aspen haven’t exactly figured out that wild bears can be dangerous. The Aspen PD had to remind residents not to take selfies with the animals.

The warning was issued, “after a bear and her two cubs were spotted sitting in a tree along the Hyman Avenue shopping district the day before”, The Denver Post reports.

The police waited quite a while for bears to come down from a tree and when they did, some people began to chase after them. They were getting close enough to try to take selfies! Fox reports that, “one woman even attempted to approach the bears with a child in her arms.”

A mamma bear got separated from her cubs so she turned back towards the shopping area. You’d think that most would know to not walk up to a bear who was “agitated and growling” as they got close.

Here is a statement from the Aspen police, “Just because there is caution tape up and an officer in the area, this in no way guarantees your safety, “Although black bear attacks are uncommon, they are more likely to occur in a situation when a bear is being harassed by onlookers.”

If a bear attacked someone due to being provoked, it could cost the bear it’s life. The person would get a $100 fine and 10 points on their driver’s license. That doesn’t seem like a fair enough fine for the harasser if you ask me.
Find out more from Fox News here.

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